Content Writing Webinar – Write Better Content

Every Saturday starting from 16th January 2021 at 8 pm

A live webinar related to content writing. Register today to write better content.

About Write Better Content Webinar

Are you someone who has just started to write? Do you need practical solutions to your problems? This webinar-cum-training is the answer to all your doubts and questions related to content writing. I believe that you can write better content. Allow me to induce the same belief in you.

Your Questions, My Answers

I don’t have any structure for the webinars. You might ask, why is that? Simply because these webinars will have answers to your questions. Before every webinar, you would be able to put forward your queries and doubts. I would answer those queries in the webinar. Every time we’ll have different questions and a unique structure. Consider this an exclusive live webinar just for you. 

Write With Me For Yourself

I have created an exclusive group for people who are really serious about content writing. I review the written material of everyone there. I try to give the best advice to everyone. 

I believe that writing is the best form of communication because I have experienced it myself. I want you to have the same experience. 

Attend the webinar, join the group, follow the instructions seriously and magic will happen. 

Start Writing Better

I will share with you the things I have learned till now. I will review your written material and provide you with proper constructive feedback. I will share some of the top secrets that will help you to find your niche, build an audience, write on a regular basis, and content marketing. Do you need anything else? 

If yes, then contact me and I’ll try my best to help you with that. 

About Me

My name is Ankit Anand. I am a freelance cricket writer. I also write short-poetries in Hindi. I have an enormous interest in marketing. Currently, I am writing a book comprising stories in Hindi. Also, I am planning to write a book related to content writing.

I would host these webinars and will help you write better content. Join me on this journey. 

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