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Ankit Anand is a writer, content creator, and marketing enthusiast. He is really fond of the game cricket and possesses a lot of information regarding it. He has written several articles on cricket. 

He has written several short stories and has published it as well. He writes regularly on his blog, which is read by over 5000 readers. All the articles, poems, short-stories, and stories are there on his website.

He has also published several videos related to his writings on YouTube. His poems, short-stories and regular reading session can be found on YouTube. You can also check out his writings on his Instagram page. 

He likes to guide people who are just starting their careers. He also provides personal mentoring to people. He has always been a fan of excellent communication skills. He was someone who lacked this skill in his early days. He self-learnt the nuances of how to communicate, and now he is an excellent communicator.  

He also looks after a side-business that is being fully operated by his mother. He also runs a digital marketing firm and provides writing services to clients. You can always refer to the testimonials on his website for the details regarding the clients. 

He likes to read a lot and hence has gathered a lot of information for a lot of topics. He has always been a jack of all trades. He is fond of reading books and is always up for a discussion related to the books that he has read. You can always drop him a message on his social media accounts and you will get a reply back. 

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PPS: The above written article is what I aspire to be in the next 2-3 years.