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Are you someone who has just started reading about marketing?

Are you someone who wants to become a marketer?

Do you want to have a fresh perspective on marketing? Do you want to understand marketing but don’t want to consume bookish information?

If the answers to the above questions are yes, then my friend, you have come to the right place. 

This article would surely be a go-to guide for someone who is going to learn about Marketing. 

Who Am I?

Well, that is quite a psychological question. Let’s not divert from the topic at hand. Let me just tell you about myself. 

My name is Ankit Anand. I am the founder of this blog. I completed my graduation in 2019. Right after that, I started exploring things around me. I wanted to develop an interest in a thing that I could pursue. Content Writing and Marketing was the answer to all my questions. I fell in love with both and read more about them. 

While I was there, I came across this gentleman named Deepak Kankaraju. I went through his blogs and even signed up for a free course provided by him on his website. 

Then he launched a Digital Marketing Internship Programme, and I signed up for it. This internship program is one of a unique concept. Along with an exceptional learning experience, it also provides you the opportunity to earn during the internship. You can fill the form mentioned at the end of this article to attend the webinar for the internship.

Why Am I Writing This Article?

At some point of time during this year, I was just like you. I wanted to learn everything about marketing. Hence, signed up for many courses, read many articles, and binge-watched YouTube videos. Also, attended those webinars which come with a lot of freebies. All these things helped me to understand marketing closely. 

At one point, I started having system overload. So, I decided to put out the information learned on the internet. I might be correct with whatever you are reading, or I might be totally wrong. I request you to read the article till the end and decide this. Also, please use the comment section to tell me whether you agree with me.

Let’s now jump into the article.

Marketing is communication. Through a marketing channel, you communicate with the customer. Marketing is a way using which you build trust with the target audience. Marketing deals around customers and their needs. Marketing revolves around human psychology. It is completely a human approach, and storytelling is one important aspect of Marketing.
You can be a good marketer if you know how to tell a story. Do you remember your favorite marketing campaign? Why is it your favorite campaign? Maybe because it has a wonderful message, maybe it has some important characters, or maybe you liked the entire story presented by the campaign. A powerful story leaves an enormous impact on our brain.
Do you remember the Havells ad? ‘Wires that don’t catch fire’ – this was their message. Do you remember the way Havells tried to present this simple message through a beautiful story?

Marketing vs Selling

Some people think that selling is the last step of business. This is totally wrong. Selling is just a component of Marketing. The ultimate goal of a business is to generate revenue ethically. 

From a business point of view, you would want your churn rate (the rate at which a customer stops doing business with an entity) to be as low as possible. You would want a customer to purchase from you again and again.

This can only be possible in case if you provide a high-value product to them. Also, the customer would again return to you if you have a solid marketing campaign. If somehow you can plant a seed of curiosity in your buyer’s mind, the buyer would return for sure. Amazon shows you a ‘Frequently Bought Together’ list after you have purchased a product or YouTube shows you a ‘Similar Videos’ section while you are watching a video. They do all these things in order to plant a seed of curiosity in your mind. Once that happens, ultimately you will buy the product or watch a video.

To conclude, marketing is like a hand-drawn portrait and selling is just one color present in it.

Marketing vs Digital Marketing

Is there a difference between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing? The answer is both yes and no. 

Yes, because Traditional Marketing is for a very wide targeting. While Digital Marketing is a personalized communication between brand and customer. Traditional Marketing reaches to everyone irrespective if they are your customer or not. Through digital marketing you can target a specific group of people. 

Hotstar had the highest viewership record during this year’s Indian Premier League. During commercials, Rahul Dravid used to come on the screen to ask us to sell our cars. Now, this ad is perfect for someone who was looking to sell their car. But for someone who doesn’t own a car, this ad was simply not useful. 

Through digital marketing, you can target those people who at least own a car. 

But at the end of the day, digital marketing and traditional marketing are both a form of marketing. Whatever form you choose, you need to communicate with your audience, provide them some value, and win their trust.

Trust Building – The Most Important Part of Marketing

Do you think trust-building is an important aspect of marketing? 

Your answer can be Yes or No. But for me, if as a brand, you have your target audience’s trust then you have won half the battle. Your consumers will not only purchase from you again and again but will also be your brand promoter. 

Word of mouth is the best form of promotion. Do you remember the time when we used to ask our friends to download an app that used to provide some welcome bonus? I think we all have done that. At least I have done that a lot. I used to share the link with my friends and used to ask them to download the app. The fun part is that my friends used to download those applications as well. I am not talking about today’s time when you can download an app at a blazing speed. There used to be a time when mobile phones used to run on 512MB ram and the internet was on 2G or Edge mode. 

Why do my friends used to download those applications? The only reason is that they used to trust me. Would they had downloaded the applications if some stranger was asking them to do so? The answer is a big NO. 

This same concept applies to Marketing as well. First, you need to build trust by either providing a solution or provide them some value.
You purchase a mobile phone after going through the review posted by a YouTuber whom you trust. Maybe if you trust a particular brand then too you can purchase a mobile phone manufactured by that brand. 

I hope now you have understood why trust is the most important part of marketing? You can agree with me only when you trust me. If you trust me, then please share this article with your loved ones. Also, subscribe to my blog to receive updates about my new articles.

How can you do digital marketing?

There are ‘n’ number of methods to do digital marketing. I’ll tell you about “Integrated Digital Marketing” which is used by Mr. Deepak Kankaraju as well. 

Remember the first rule – you don’t pitch your product without introducing yourself.

You can use Paid Advertising to first pitch about yourself or about your website. Then you need to write some high-quality content and make it search engine friendly. These articles can reach out to your audience either through Social Media or through Email Marketing. Finally, once you have built trust among your audience, you can sell your product. 

Integrated Digital Marketing

Now you may ask, why do I need to write search engine friendly content? First of all, your target audience will go to a search engine to search a solution for their problem. If you know the problem and the right keywords, you can appear on the first page of a search engine. If the solution provided by you is the answer to someone’s query, they might subscribe to your blog. They can also share the answer with other people. Remember trust-building and word of mouth promotion? 

Second thing is, writing improves your communication skills. If you are a good communicator, you can be a good marketer. And this is what you want to become. You want to be a marketer that is why you are reading this blog. Understood?

CATT Marketing Funnel

Marketing Funnel is a term used to describe a customer’s journey with your brand. 

There is a simple formula to understand this. 

Wealth = n^CATT

Here, n stands for niche. Niche is an area which is your hobby, for which you are passionate and which can be marketed easily. 

C stands for content. The content that you write should attract people.

A stands for attention. You need to grab your target consumer’s attention in order to market a product or service.

T stands for Trust. I have already explained about trust-building. 

T stands for the transaction. When you have attracted a customer, gained their attention and trust, then the transaction (sale)  will happen naturally. You just need to provide a medium for the transaction. 

If you select a proper niche and apply the CATT funnel, then magic would happen for sure.

If you want to apply for the Digital Marketing Internship, please fill this form and Mr. Deepak would contact you.

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